Development of Calcium Tungstate

Calcium Tungstate Picture

There are a series of tungsten stable positive tungstate. Some of these salts exist in the form of a hydrate, the solution is strongly alkaline; some poorly soluble. Tungstate, in addition to the alkali metal, ammonium and magnesium, most insoluble in water. Tungstate crystals WO- tetrahedral structure of an ion containing discrete, slow hydrolysis polymerization in an aqueous solution, in the acidic solution is quickly polymerized with more salt. The tungsten trioxide is dissolved in a solution of an alkali metal hydroxide or carbonate, an alkali metal can be obtained tungstates; the other metal salts with an alkali metal tungstate metathesis reaction, to give the corresponding metal tungstates; If tungsten trioxide with a metal oxide or carbonate melting, or the molten metal chloride and sodium tungstate, may also be prepared corresponding tungstate.

In 2008, the countries to speed up the development of the industry access to the supporting regulations, strict industry access, regulate mining of tungsten and tungsten resource integration, increase the intensity of macroeconomic regulation and control. The implementation of these macro-control policy will be conducive to strictly control the supply of tungsten resources, control capacity expansion and promote the healthy development of tungsten industry, the market for tungsten is undoubtedly a positive policy signals, there will be conducive to price stability and rising tungsten.

Supply and demand determine the equilibrium price and trading volume, tungsten demand for resources and socio-economic growth are synchronized, 70 percent of the world is inseparable from industrial carbide, tungsten consumption has more than 50% for the carbide, 2006 global consumption of primary tungsten 60,000 tons (metal content). In recent years, Chinese tungsten consumption increased year by year, and with the growth of world economy, international tungsten demand is also growing. Therefore, the future demand for tungsten will maintain steady growth, the total domestic production control and orderly market supply, stabilize the international market price of tungsten is inevitable.