Calcium Tungstate Crystal Structure

Calcium Tungstate Picture

Calcium tungstate is white powder with tetragonal structure. Its relative density is 6.062. Slightly soluble in water and ammonium chloride solution. Dissociation in hydrochloric. Calcium tungstate is a very important chemical materials, mainly used for production of ammonium paratungstate, tungsten trioxide, tungsten iron, steel, carbide, tungsten materials, tungsten and tungsten alloys and other tungsten products.

Calcium tungstate crystal shows the body-centered tetragonal structure, and the following pic is the structural models of its crystals. According to the pic, the unit cell is W6+ that links to four O2- respectively, forming a tetrahedron structure by coordination. In the mean while, Ca2+ ion links to surrounding eight O2- , forming a tetrahedron structure by coordination. These cells are the basic units to constitute the body centered tetragonal structure of calcium tungstate.